PCB Assembly

We specialise in the assembly of Printed Circuit Boards. Our facilities include equipment and expertise for assembly of both surface mount and through-hole printed circuit boards, as well as boards using a combination of these technologies.

Assembled boards are individually checked for defects before being provided to clients.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly

SMTs are assembled using a high-precision pick and place production line, consisting of a paste solder printer, pick and place machines and a reflow oven. The production line has a capacity of up to 60 000 of chips per hour and placement accuracy of <50 µm, with minimum component sizes of 0201  (2 mm x 1 mm).

Assembly can be done according to client specifications, including ROHS compliance and all boards are quality checked after assembly.

Through-Hole (thru-hole) Board Assembly

Through-hole boards are assembled manually and soldered with in-house wave soldering machines. To maintain quality, manual soldering is done for components that are not suitable for wave soldering. All boards are individually checked for production defects.