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About:  Electronic Assembly

aboutus.jpgElectronic Assembly Pty Ltd is a family business which has been operating since the early 1970's. It started out through a cottage industry based service, eventually developing into a well established private company, with a long standing reputation for working closely with clients to provide versatile "turn-key" industry support.

We are a West Australian company, with our head office in Perth. We also have close business relations in China. Operational excellence and continuous improvement drives our business. We have a long history of commitments to maintaining high quality standards for our clients.

We drive customer success through the use of practical operating principles and industry specific standards proven to reduce costs, while improving efficiencies and final produce.

A commitment to customer satisfaction means interacting with you in an effective way. Our services are tailored around manufacturing solutions and improved production quality by really understanding all your needs and issues, offering a more complete solution.

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Proudly Western Australian.

Our Aim: To be the best in our industry.